Have you heard about barn hunt? “Ratter” breeds like terriers have an event called Earth Dog; think of it like our pointing breed hunt tests, a performance event. In Earth Dog Trials, the rats are set underground and the dogs actually crawl through intricate tunnel systems to find them! Subsequently, a woman named Robin Nuttall created a vermin hunting game that would allow all breeds to compete. There are many breeds throughout history that helped humans clear vermin from homes besides the small terriers and now they finally have an organization that allows them to play too!

Vizslas were used by nomads to hunt both fur and feather. While that was most likely fur as in rabbits, you’ve likely noticed your Vizsla’s affinity for hunting small animals like squirrels too. Rats seem to be equally exciting for our breed to hunt out as Vizslas across the country have excelled in the sport!

Meet our Vanguards

Here in Colorado, we have some Vanguards that have given Barn Hunt a shot and they’ve had some great success! Lindsay Tita Adams tried it on a whim and got a Q at her very first trial! Since then she has introduced her younger girl to the sport and they are working towards their senior title. Neeta & Rod Cope have dabbled in Barn Hunt with their Vizslas over the years. The Copes do a lot of scent work with their dogs, so their indications are pretty easy to read. Jenny Follett started in Barn Hunt thinking it was a good retirement game for her older Vizslas. However, now she is hooked and has handled her Vizsla, Halo, to the Master level. Any of these Vanguards would be happy to help you get started in the Sport, just click on their photo below to shoot them an email.

Lindsay Tita Adams – Arvada, CO
Rod & Neeta Cope – Broomfield, CO
Jenny Follett – Denver, CO