Photo stand caption reads, “We had fun.” And we do!

The Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club began as a group of Denver Vizsla enthusiasts who would get together to exercise their dogs. With Vizslas being the high energy breed that they are, the group started spending a lot of time together. It wasn’t long before the friends were looking do more with their Vizslas. The RMVC founders wanted to participate in formal hunting events and wanted to help educate the public on responsible breeding and Vizsla ownership.

Since 2003, the RMVC has been helping Vizsla owners do everything from find a puppy, to socializing, and showmanship. The club is one of the few regional clubs that has hosted a National Gun Dog Championship, National Field Trial, and National Specialty & Companion Events for our parent club, The Vizsla Club of America. The club boasts a diverse membership and can provide you with a member mentor to help you do anything from find a puppy to upland hunting to agility. Mostly, we’d love to have you join our ranks; check out our Event Page to find out what the members are up to next!

Questions or need an application?

Please contact our club secretary, Lindsay Tita Adams