Are you ready to add a Vizsla puppy to your home? We, better than anyone, totally understand! However, there are some shady Vizsla breeders and puppy mills out there. It makes us very sad for a multitude of reasons. We maintain an excellent breeder referral list, with our referral guru, Judy. Please reach out to Judy for a comprehensive, multi-state list:

Vizsla Puppies at 7 weeks

In addition, we are providing the names of the club members who are breeders and the timeframe for their next litter. The arrow to the left of the photo will expand to give you their contact information.

If a puppy isn’t quite your speed or you want to be a savior to a rescue Vizsla, please check out the two rescue groups in Colorado:

2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue
Colorado Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group

The individuals listed are current voting members of the Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club that have chosen to have their information listed on this website in this Breeders’ List. The information contained herein is copyrighted and not for reproduction of any kind. This list is also not to be used by any solicitors for attempting to sell any type of products. The Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club does not license or endorse anyone engaged in the commerce of selling pure-bred dogs and, therefore, has no control over the business practices of those involved in such transactions. However, all RMVC members have indicated their intentions of upholding the VCA Code of Ethics.

5280 Vizslas — Next litter Fall/Winter 2021

Breeders: Jenny Follett & Marc Spencer

Location: Denver, CO

Website/Contact info:

Boulder Vizslas — Next litter TBD

Breeders: Judy & Edj Hetkowski

Location: Boulder, CO

Website/Contact info:

Dotsero Vizslas — Next litter TBD

Breeders: Ginger & Gary Sammonds

Location: Loveland, CO

Website/Contact info:

Everlong Vizslas — Litter due October 2020

Breeders: Tanya & James Duvall

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Website/Contact info:

Moonlight Vizslas — Next litter Summer 2020

Breeder: Karen Lake

Location: Carlsbad, CA

Website/Contact info:

Nyircsaszari Vizslas — Next litter TBD

Breeder: Sylvia Kerr

Location: Denver, CO

Website/Contact info:

Revved Up Vizslas — Next litter TBD

Breeders: Neeta & Rod Cope

Location: Broomfield, CO

Website/Contact info:

Co-Breeder, Rhapsody Vizslas —Spring/Summer 2021

Breeders: Leah & Aaron Davis

Location: Parker, CO

Website/Contact info:

Solterra Vizslas — Next litter TBD

Breeders: Erica & Spencer Sparrow

Location: Conifer, CO

Website/Contact info: