2023 Blue Jean Specialty

The Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club held its early summer Specialty Show in Longmont, Colorado, on June 1.  We share the evening with the German Shorthair Club of Colorado at a great outdoor location and have a fun evening watching beautiful dogs strut their stuff.  Thank you to our Show Chair, Ginger Sammonds, for all her hard work!

Check out the exciting results below, and be sure to put this Specialty on your calendar for 2024!

Final Sweepstakes line up

Our Sweepstakes judge was Kit Goodrich. 

Best in Puppy Sweepstakes was 5280 Alfa Romeo Spider JH owned by David Trow, Jenny Follett, and Tad Walden. 

Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes was his sister 5280 She Apres Skis in Spyder owned and bred by Jenny Follett.   

Best in Veteran Sweepstakes was GCH Kizmar Live For The’Applause owned by Sarah and Michael Luther. 

Best of Opposite in Veteran Sweepstakes was GCH Gambol JH FDC CGCA TKN owned by Tanya, James and Tatum Duvall and Mary Grant.

Best in Sweepstakes ~ Miles
Best of Opposite in Sweeps ~ Boujee
Best of Opposite in Veteran Sweepstakes – Gambol with owner Tatum

Our youngest handler, Cami Sparrow, in the final line up for Best of Breed with Quila

Our Conformation Judge was Tim Catterson. 

Best of Breed was GCHG Sincerus Magnificent Obsession of LaTierra owned by Laraine Clark and Kelly Park. 

Best of Breed ~ Maggie

Best of Opposite Sex/ Best NOHS was CH Rhapsody Turn Up The Toon owned by Leah and Aaron Davis and Michelle DeLucia. 

Best of Opposite / Best Owner Handled ~ Elroy

Best of Winners/Winners Dog was 5280 Alfa Romeo Spider JH owned by David Trow, Jenny Follett, and Tad Walden.  

Winners Dog / Best of Winners ~ Miles

Reserve Winners Dog was Jen’s Penny Finnley Champagnadanga owned by Kelly and McKenzie Abdon. 

Winners Bitch/Best Puppy/Best Bred By Exhibitor was Everlong’s Pacific The Good Fight owned by Tanya and Tatum Duvall, Mel Reveles, Brooke Flavin. 

Winners Bitch / Best Puppy / Best Bred By Exhibitor – Sloane

Reserve Winners Bitch was Solterra Solo Cup owned by Erica and Cami Sparrow, Corey Garrett, Hannah Westbrook.

Select Dog was GCH Happy Tails Finn McCoom McConville owned by Carol Ann & Robert McConville.

Select Bitch was GCHB Solterra’s N Boulder’s Tru-Ly Inspired MH owned by Shannon Buckvold, James Hrusovsky, Judy Hetkowski, Erica Sparrow.

Award of Merit/Best Veteran was GCH Kizmar Live For The’Applause owned by Sarah and Michael Luther. 

Award of Merit was CH Kizmar 5280 Someone’s Halo Slipped NA NAJ OF JH SWM SHDM RATN TKA owned by Jenny Follett, Marc Spencer MD, Tad Walden.

Award of Merit ~ Cheeky (left) posing with her kids, Miles and Boujee

Best Junior Handler was Tatum Duvall.

2021 Novice/Open Agility

Hard working club volunteers! L to R: Dale Hokens, Alison Rodgers, Katherine Hokens, Jenny Follett, Ginger Sammonds, Lindsay Adams, Neeta Cope, Rod Cope

Well, our first agility trial in several years is complete! Back in January, we decided to host a Novice/Open agility trial as big trials were still canceling due to the pandemic. Colorado Veterinary Specialty Group offered up their facility, and we figured if we crated out of cars we could meet all the requirements for holding an event during the pandemic. What we thought was going to be a small trial actually filled to our limited 250 run capacity! Seems as if there were a lot of Novice and Open dogs who got stuck behind during the pandemic.

The morning briefing. This is just Novice competitors — check out that crowd!!

A huge thank you goes out to our trial Committee — today wouldn’t have happened with your dedication and help planning! Our thanks to: Jenny Follett (Chair), Dale Hokens, Katherine Hokens, Alison Rodgers, and Ginger Sammonds. This group not only worked from start to finish both days but also held several conference calls to plan for the day. They thought of every detail needed, and kept a fun and upbeat atmosphere even though the majority were not competing.

Additional RMVC club members were able to pitch in and help this weekend, or leading up to the event. Couldn’t have done it without Lindsay Tita Adams, Neeta Cope, Rod Cope, Christi Uhrig, Laurie Olson Edwards, Leah Davis, Spencer Sparrow, and Erica Sparrow. This group either came and worked during the weekend, or helped with execution like supply shopping, bringing coolers, check signing, etc. It’s the little details and running around that make these events successful! Thanks to our volunteers, we had plenty of cold water and shade tents. Couldn’t have set up or torn down all the canopies without the help!

Cheeky patiently waiting at the start line — the sport turf at this facility is second to none!

We are also lucky in Colorado to have one of the best trial secretaries in the business; Deb Lewis of Lookout K9 Trials. Our judges this weekend were just amazing! Beth Godwin and Kitty Bradley are both VMOs (special judges that can do official height measurements) and had dozens and dozens of dogs to measure in addition to their judging duties. And they totally did it with a smile! Their courses were very well designed for young dogs and they smiled along with us all day. For the debut at the facility, Dr. Milan Hess was so kind in facilitation the use of her facility . For the equipment gaps, Derrel Manceaux (Front Range Dog Agility Equipment Rental) not only brought the extra equipment, but he stayed and worked with us all day on both days!

There were so many community members that worked all weekend; instructors who came to support their students, people who chipped in when they weren’t running, and unentered enthusiasts who wanted to come give back to the community for a day. We so appreciated all the the help; please know you are appreciated and your efforts did not go unnoticed.

The feedback from the community was so fantastic that we just might have to do this again! Thanks again to everyone that contributed, we couldn’t have pulled it off without you!

Introduction to Scent Work Clinic

Today we held our Beginning Scent Work Clinic, and it was a smashing success! We had a great group of dogs that all made noticeable progress before leaving. Our clinic was taught by AKC Scent Work judge, John Fisher. John did a background on Scent Work, a quick highlight of AKC Scent Work, facilitated the hands-on portion, and rounded everyone back up at the end for a Q&A. Before leaving, everyone received a Scent Work kit that included some birch odor and different hide materials, courtesy of the RMVC.

The cute box contains the birch kit everyone received, along with a folder containing a RMVC sticker, resources to continue the Scent Work education, upcoming RMVC events, and a flyer to join the club!

After the initial introductory information from John, attendees got to watch some advanced dogs in practice! Neeta with Revi & Rumble, Ginger with Kili, and Jenny with Cheeky demonstrated an interior search. Everyone enjoyed watching the advanced dogs do their thing and we were inspired to tackle the drills with all the new dogs!

Revi nailing the scent on the top right corner of the cabinet door.

After seeing what our end goal would be, we learned about the drills we would start today. After a demo by Lindsay and Archer, we broke out into rotation groups and everyone starting training!

By the fourth rotation, the dogs were already scenting more for the odor than the cookie! It was so cool to watch. We had dogs as young as 5 months and as old as 14! It’s truly a sport for all and anyone who owns a Vizsla knows how much they love to use their nose!

We can’t wrap without thanking Perfdog for organizing our entries and paperwork. It made putting on the clinic so much easier! Another huge thank you to Jenny Follett, Neeta & Rod Cope, Ginger Sammonds, and Lindsay Tita Adams, for not only helping to plan the clinic, but for being there to demo our exercises, facilitate the rotation groups, take pictures, and fill our welcome bags and hospitality table. Thank you to Leah Davis for coming early and staying late to help with set up and tear down. John Fisher, thank you for building out the birch kits and running a great clinic! We definitely got a few people hooked on a new game today!

Finally, thank you to all who joined us! We were so pleased to have such a great turn out and hope everyone had fun watching the light bulbs turn on for your pups today! We hope you will use your birch kits to keep practicing and take your skills to the next level.

Fall 2020 Horseback Field Trial

The RMVC had an awesome turnout at our three day fall field trial, September 11-13, 2020. Thank you to all of our judges, committee members and participants for all of your hard work and support. It was great seeing everyone, dogs and horses included! Congratulations to all of our winners!

“Wendy” handled by RMVC member Daniel Brooks picked up 4th place in Open Puppy
“Ellie” also with Daniel Brooks took 3rd place in Open Derby

Winter 2020 Supported Entry

The first show of the year in Colorado is always the Colorado Kennel Club show, and just as in years past, the RMVC supported the Vizsla entry on Sunday. Thank you to our trophy chair, Tanya Duvall, for making sure the winners were able to take home some great prizes!

The winners of our Supported Entry as judged by Stephanie Hedgepath:
Best of Breed: Madsen~GCH CH Rhapsody Kiss Kiss Bang Bang JH
Best of Winners/Winners Dog: Bugatti~Southwind’s Testing the Limits
Best of Opposite Sex: Lilly~GCH CH Toldin’s She’s The One
Select Dog/Owner Handler Best of Breed: Gus~GCH CH Pagliacci Kizmar Western Winds R August US MH
Select Bitch: Cheeky~CH Kizmar 5280 Someone’s Halo Slipped JH TKI
Winners Bitch: Zsoli~Diamond C’s Wee Minding
Best Veteran: Karma~GCH CH MACH2 Diamond Cruiser 5280’s Reap What You Sow PCD BN RE MH MXG MJB2 MXP2 XF T2B CA THDN RATN CGCA CGCU TKI
Reserve Winners Dog: Mac~Derby N Kai’s Mtn Mac n Awe
Reserve Winners Bitch: Carly~Opus One N Dotsero’s Anticipation

Congratulations to all! It was fun to see everyone at the show after a long winter break! Photos of our club winners below!

Bugatti – owned by club member Christi Uhrig and shown by her friend, Mel Reveles.
Cheeky – owned/bred/shown by club members Jenny Follett & Marc Spencer