You’ve likely seen Westminster Kennel Club dog show on TV. Perhaps you’ve wondered how people got into showing dogs. Or maybe, thought you’d like to give it a try! Mostly, breeders participate in conformation to prove their breeding stock. In fact, that’s another flag — if you see someone breeding Vizslas that aren’t Champions, you should definitely ask some questions! However, just being able to say your dog is a Champion is pretty cool too! So, out of all the activities we do with our Vizslas, conformation is one of the more popular sports. The camaraderie around the ring is contagious, and a great time is had by all when a new champion is crowned.

Meet our Conformation Vanguards

We have several club members who participate in conformation and can help you find a class, show you around your first show, or just answer your questions! Leah Davis got into showing with her first Vizsla, Dante, and now has a house full of Champions! Judy Hetkowski has been showing dogs for years and her first Vizsla, Cassidy, even took Best of Opposite at the aforementioned Westminster Show! Ginger Sammonds is a long-time conformation exhibitor who even won the National Wirehaired Vizsla Specialty! In addition, Erica Sparrow started as an owner/handler with her second Vizsla, Tej, and has perfected her skill over the years! Above all, these Vanguards can help you get off on the right foot!

Leah has her dog stacked perfectly
Leah Davis – Strasburg, CO
Ginger showing her Veteran dog
Ginger Sammonds – Loveland, CO
Judy on the move at a dog show
Judy Hetkowski – Boulder, CO
Erica working the dog show stack
Erica Sparrow – Morrison, CO