Do you want to learn more about agility? It’s one of the most popular AKC games, and we have some very talented Vizsla Vanguards in this arena. The RMVC has many hard workers and, as a result, has even been trusted to host the National Vizsla trial and all breed trails for the Vizsla Club of America! The RMVC also hosted a Novice & Open only trial in the Summer of 2021 and put together this guide of Trial Basics, be sure and check it out!

Agility Vanguards

The Hokens, Dale and Katherine, have been at this game for years. In addition, their Vizsla, Chili Pepper with Dale handling, was the first Vizsla to make the AKC National Agility Championship finals. Katherine is a most experienced agility trial chair, with over a dozen chaired trials under her belt. Further, between the two of them, they can lay stake to over a dozen Master Agility Champion titles too! Vanguard Ginger Sammonds is a longtime officer of another local performance club and has experience not only putting on trials, but serving as a secretary for trials. Ginger has trained and handled multiple Vizslas in the venue. Jenny Follett, another experienced trial chair, has one of only three Vizslas in history to achieve both a Master Agility Championship and a Master Hunter title; hers is the only multiple MACH Vizsla.

Certainly, any of these members would welcome the opportunity to help you get started in agility. From finding a trainer, to getting your dog measured, to navigating the trial site, we are here to help! Please feel free to reach out to any/all vanguards and get your agility journey underway. Moreover, if there is anything you should know about the agility group, it’s that we become best buddies and cheer fiercely for each other. “GO VIZSLA” is a common cheer heard when any Vizsla steps to the line in Colorado…so be prepared to have a new group of best friends.

Just click on any of the photos below to send an email to our Vanguards. Above all, we are looking forward to seeing you at the next trial!

Jenny Follett
Denver, CO
Ginger Sammonds
Loveland, CO
Katherine Hokens
Windsor, CO